Bric-a-brac refers to lesser objets d'art forming collections of curios, which are rare, unusual, or intriguing objects and antiques displayed together in groups.  These unique objects can include almost anything - elaborately decorated teacups, compositions of feathers under glass domes, decorated eggshells, or old rusty keys.  Rummage through our Bric-a-brac to find distinct ornaments, unique mantelpieces, house-hold finishing touches, peculiar gifts, or interesting displays behind glass cabinets.

Some of the decorative bric-a-brac items you may come across in our store include:

  • Apothecary, pharmaceutical and kitchen utensils
  • Object specific collectables 
  • Nautical and Naval collectibles
    • art, anchors, eel spears, boat models, buoys, compasses, oars, rope, pulleys, ship wheels and instruments
  • Fire Fighting Memorabilia
    • helmets, fire extinguishers, hoses, nozzles
  • Militaria
    • swords, bayonets, helmets, cap badges, medals
  • Enamel collectables
  • Sporting memorabilia
    • skis, snowshoes, baseball, hockey, basketball
  • Advertising and collector Tins
  • Cameras
  • Toys
    • wind up, battery operated, litho, mechanical, pressed steel, die cast
  • Stoneware
  • Pottery
  • Taxidermy
    • skulls, antlers, mounted game
  • Pop culture collectables 
    • Soda pop signage, milk bottles, advertising signs, beer bottles

Since our bric-a-brac is exceptionally unique, visiting our Calgary, Alberta location is the best way to experience the full range of stock that we carry.