Out with the Old, Ugly, or Useless

It would seem that spring has arrived in Calgary and while we hope that it is here to stay we know that warmer weather also ushers in the daunting task of Spring Cleaning. While the freezing winters generally leave us trapped inside, they also provide us with time to assess the usefulness of the things that we have in our homes. This spring we are drawing inspiration and motivation from William Morris (textile designer, poet, and novelist) who once said, “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” So as the weather improves we are focusing on organizing the chaos and getting rid of anything that doesn’t fit our ‘useful and beautiful’ mantra.

As part of our commitment to organization, Ashley and I have undertaken the “100 Items Challenge”. We have given ourselves until the end of March to repurpose, recycle, sell, or donate 100 items that do not line up with Mr. Morris’ guidelines.

We are super excited to embark on this little adventure and if you’re interested in participating in the 100 items challenge, or if you’re curious to see how we are doing we’ll be using #ironcrow100items on Instagram throughout the rest of the month!