Western & First Nations Art & Collectables

You'll find a great selection of Western & Native American memorabilia in our store. This is your chance to relive the romantic ideal of the North American frontier, rediscover the past, and get in touch with your roots by surrounding yourself with collectables from the Old West. These historical heirlooms, symbols of the birth of a nation, perfectly suit cigar shops, bars & pubs, studies and room decor. Our ornamental fixtures and period pieces are perfect for movie sets, props and costumes. Slip on your boots and explore the historically rich artifacts that we carry in our store. 

Our Western & Native American Memorabilia objects include

  • Antique saddles, reins, bits, spurs, horseshoes, leather hides, saddle stands, blankets
  • Native artifacts & clothing
    • arrowheads, headdresses, moccasins, mukluks, fur lining & clothing, tools, beaded jackets
  • Old western apparel
    • cowboy boots, chaps, hats, fur coats, gloves
  • Western and Native American art & paintings
  • Navajo rugs
  • Saddle blankets
  • American civil war, cowboy, and Native American weaponry 
    • pistols, axes, bow & arrows, knives, rifles, stone hammers
  • Primitive utensils and tools
    • rustic shovels, hammers, axes, wooden mashers & pestle, wheel barrows, hemp rope, rakes, corn huskers, tobacco cutters, tractor seats
  • Carved drug store Indians
  • West coast carvings
  • Cap guns and holsters
  • Calgary Stampede memorabilia

Come down and discover our amazing warehouse in Calgary, the heart of the new west. Open 7 days a week.