Who and what is Iron Crow?

Well, it all started with a desire to make our world a better place!

The Iron Crow we love today was originally hatched from one woman's desire to reduce the carbon footprint in our beautiful world. Terry Dixon saw the feel-good joys and benefits of sourcing our purchases from consignment & antique shops and started to provide her community a touch of history. 

In 2000, Terry invested in moving her start-up business to a historical building in Nanton, Alberta, keeping with the desire to keep history alive. The Keeley Building was built in 1909 as a hardware store by Charles Marshall, and the upper storey served Nanton as a meeting and social hall for local lodges and other groups. Purchased in 1935 by William S. Keeley, who expanded the stores range of goods and converted the top floor into apartments, the newly-renamed Keeley Building soon found itself pressed into wartime service as a residence for officers assigned to the nearby aircrew training base. 

This building’s main floor, with its beautiful original wooden ceiling recovered from beneath decades of plaster, was transformed into an iconic Albertan treasure trove, Sentimental Journey Antiques, which offered over 9000 square feet of showroom space. Over the building’s three floors, every square inch of it was (and still is!) packed with high-quality antiques and collectibles with a decidedly prairie flavour. 

Over a decade later, Terry was approached to fill a unique void in the Calgary antique and design market, and so Iron Crow was born! Creating her second store and moving in to the big city was a very exciting adventure. Iron Crow quickly became a staple in the Calgarian and Albertan antique world with an ever-growing inventory and fan base.

After 8 years in the same location, Iron Crow was quickly outgrowing itself and a relocation to a bigger space was needed. With the new building acquired and a little remodelling underway, the global pandemic hit. Terry and her crew wouldn’t let that stop the dream from becoming a reality and everyone worked hard to get the new warehouse perfect for the August Grand Opening! With the opening came many new changes, including our online store! The Iron Crow Team has grown over this time as well to include an in-house photographer, our very own interior designer, general store manager, social media manager, an administration & ecommerce manager as well as knowledgeable sales staff.



Through all of our endeavours, we strive to preserve the rich history of every item that passes through our doors and share that knowledge with you. Iron Crow will continue to be a hub for antique lovers near and far!