Iron Crow was fortunate enough to have had this wonderful artist's work in our store for a while!
Although it's been sold to a new home, we wanted to shine some light on this fantastic artist.

Loralie Nickel

Loralie was first a beauty school drop-out. There, she learned her first lessons in art creation… In make-up artistry she learned that things look the way they do because of the way light reflects off of them.  


This enraptured her visual awareness ever since. When she studied science in CADD and power engineering, she learned the how’s and why’s of light, colour, and energy, which provided so many of the answers she had sought throughout her life. And, as much, lead her straight to God.  


After a lifetime of longing to study art, she found the opportunity while recovering from a lengthy illness. At MHC, she learned how to express herself visually and use the tools of art from seasoned art instructors. 


The physical healing Loralie has experienced is documented visually in her acrylic series of paintings titled Body Art. This very personal series is her testament to the healing powers of Jesus Christ. 


Loralie now creates 3D artworks in jewelry as an adjustment to her creative process. Having always loved gemstones and shiny things, she is utilizing her visual gifts and educational skills to design stand alone gorgeous pieces in earrings and other jewelry.