Billiards Table with Scoreboard, Ball Rack, Cues and Balls

$18,500 $24,500

A Samuel May and Company billiards/ snooker table with quarter cut oak panels framed with egg and dart carved moldings, 8 carved oak legs with carved floral motifs, leather irons (pockets) and brass rosettes. There is no discussion of early cue sports history that would be complete without Samuel May. His commanding influence as a master builder cannot be understated. Alongside other pioneers during the rise of billiards and snooker in Victorian Europe, he was in elite company. Much as Burroughes and Watts did, May made a real art of table design and creation. In a game of deeply seated roots, dating back to the 15th century, it is a long history to play a role in. Even over the course of the past 100 years, May's infamy has not declined. This particular table bares all of the markings of an authentic May table from 1880-1890. This amazing piece comes with a Samuel May & Co. scoreboard, an oak ball rack, 14 cues and miscellaneous balls.

Approximate dimensions (WxDxH): 79.5"x149.5"x33" (6'x12' Play Surface)

SKU: CFF0012

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